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Daycare Nurseries Ltd - Procedure for child protection

Daycare Nurseries and all of their staff are committed to the protection of all their children. We use this statement to inform you as a member of staff or a student working in our settings about your responsibilities towards the children in your care.

The lead practitioners for safeguarding children within our settings are Gail Harper, Kelly Frankum and Rebecca Tinsley(Ashwood), Gail Harper, Stacey Gleave and Dionne Dyas (Anchor Daycare). They will be responsible for liaising with local statutory children's services a appropriate and will attend appropriate safeguarding Training.

It is good practice to discuss any initial concerns with the child's parents, if you consider it to be appropriate. There may be a perfect innocent explanation for changes observed.

However, if you suspect sexual abuse or you do not get an explanation that you feel is acceptable or consistent from the parents or carer, or if you feel that the child will be at further risk or significant harm, or if you feel that a criminal offence has been committed then you must contact, the Safeguarding and Support - Advice and Referrals Team (ART)on 01782 235100, LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer) 01782 235885 or for out of hours E.D.T (Emergency Duty Team) 5pm - 8.30pm, 01782 234234 or the Police Central Referrals Unit on 0300 1234455. Ofsted must also be informed. If you are experiencing difficulty in contacting on the above numbers you can ring 999.

If a child arrives at the nursery with a visible injury always, ask what has happened, give both the child and the parent scope to comment upon the mark. Whether an explanation is given or not given for this mark always record it in the existing injuries book.

Where you have initial concerns, discuss these with whomever is responsible for managing the nursery on that day. If after this discussion you still feel concerned you will then both seek advice from the Safeguarding and Support - Advice and Referrals Team (ART). Telephone 01782 23510, they will offer advice on whether a referral is needed, remember it is not your duty to decide that a referral is not necessary, your concerns will be treated sensitively by the social services. Initial contact may be made anonymously, giving details if it is decided that a referral needs to be made. If a referral goes a head you must follow it up in writing within 24 hours to the assessment teams, Children and Young People's Services, Vulnerable Children and Corporate Parenting, Safeguarding and Support - Advice and Referral Team, Swann House, Boothen Road, Stoke on Trent, ST4 4SY.

Once this process has begun the next course of action will be decided upon within one working day.

Please ensure that you have thorough factual details of any concern kept in writing with the date, time and a signature, as they may be required at a later date. These should be stored confidentially in a locked place.

On rare occasion it may be necessary to act quickly to protect a child from a drunken or violent parent. If this situation does occur then you need to contact the police straight away.

If the child comes into the setting with a serious injury you should call for an ambulance straight away, as you would if the child had sustained an injury in the setting. Ensure that you also inform RIDDOR, the telephone number is on the notice board next to the telephone.

If serious harm or abuse is alleged you must also inform Ofsted and LADO as soon as possible and within the next 14 days of the allegation being made.

It is important to remember that all information which comes to the settings attention is highly confidential and will not be discussed out of the setting or whilst any visitors or parents are in the setting.

You must always record accidents/ incidents in the appropriate accident / incident record books. Always ensuring that you get the appropriate signatures even if there is not a mark.

Always be aware of and record significant changes in a child's behaviour, any deterioration in general well - being, any unexplained bruising, marks or signs of possible abuse, any signs of neglect or any comments that children make which give cause for concern.

All staff and parents, staff and students, will receive a copy of this policy during induction on their first day at the setting.

This updated policy was put together in line with information received during Safeguarding level 2 training by Gail Harper. Information received from Val Thomas - Development Officer also informed this policy.