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The Kittens room caters for children from birth up to the age of two years. The children are cared for on a ratio of 1:3. Staff follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and all of the children have their own personal profiles which log development and observations. This pack will then follow the child throughout the setting and on to school.

"Meeting the individual needs of all children lies at the heart of the EYFS. Practitioners should deliver personalised learning, development and care to help children get the best possible start in life."
(EYFS 2008)

Cute baby

The Unique child

Through play children develop communication skills. This starts with crying, cooing and gurgling therefore eye contact and talking are vital in response to developing these early communication skills. Interaction is very important with all babies, looking at books, singing nursery rhymes and responding to them in a variety of ways not only verbally but with gestures are very important.

Positive relationships

It is important that the child feels safe and secure and that the transition from home to the nursery is as stress free as possible for both the child and the family. Your key person will therefore tailor your visits with you to meet your child's needs.

Enabling environments

Throughout your child's stay at the nursery, your child's development will be closely monitored, staff will support their learning journey and ensure that they reach their full potential.

Learning and Development

The children's learning will be broken down to cover six areas of learning which are: Personal , Social and Emotional development; Knowledge and Understanding of the world; Physical development; Problem solving, Reasoning and Numeracy; Creative development and Communication, Language and literacy.