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Special needs statement

The aim of Daycare Nurseries Special Needs Statement is to ensure that all children are given equal opportunity to experience all available facilities on offer. We also extend this philosophy to any adult attending.

We have an Admissions policy which is available for you look at should you wish, please see a member of staff for this. This policy states that we provide an environment that is inclusive for everyone. Everyone is valued and included and every effort is made to ensure that each individuals needs are met. The setting works in partnership with parents ensuring a successful induction. Our admissions policy explains that we have a flexible approach to induction which is adapted to suit each individual family.

All children will have an equal opportunity to attend where vacancies allow and parents wish.

We recognise that all children have individual needs, including those needing extra support or challenges for very bright children, and whilst these are met, we do encourage a collective integration of all abilities. This is obtained by providing a stimulating environment and the care given by the staff is aimed at encouraging the development of knowledge, skills and general understanding. We aim to provide multi-purpose toys and equipment for all abilities and we also use resources from outside from places such as the toy library.

All staff have the responsibility to support children with special needs.

Our statement for special needs, being aware of local education authority policy has regard to the DfEE Code of Practice on the Identification and Assessment of Special Educational needs. A copy of this document is available for your perusal (please ask a member of staff if you would like to see this document).

Early identification and intervention are paramount to us, and therefore we have a system for observing and keeping records of the children's progress on an individual basis and so needs are quickly identified. Our SENCO's (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators) who at present is Gail Harper and Kelly Frankum are responsible for liaison with parents and other professionals in connection with special needs. They will give advice and support to other practitioners in the setting and will ensure that P.Ps (Personal Plans) are in place and all relevant background information is up to date and present information is collected, recorded and updated. No information will be exchanged or outside agencies contacted without the parent's permission, however if we feel that the child's needs are not being met Le. if a parent refuses to see that there is a problem with their child we may seek further advise. Parents are kept informed and are asked for their views on any plans, which are formulated to support a special need or an area, where support is thought to be necessary. Children who are capable of forming views have the opportunity to express their opinions and their wishes will be taken into account where possible. Once initial concerns have been made and the process started, parents will be updated every six weeks. We are aware of the need for privacy where intimate care is being provided. Parents and carers are central to the process of meeting additional needs and Daycare Nurseries uphold this understanding to being of the utmost importance. We work in partnership with parents to meet the needs of the children, both individually and as a group. All policies and procedures are available to staff and parents at all times. Information is shared and parents have access to all written records about their children. We recognise that parents have a critical role in the education of their children, they have unique strengths, knowledge and experience to contribute to the shared views of the child's needs. The work of the nursery staff is more effective when parents are involved and account is taken of their wishes, feelings and perspectives on the development of their child.

The grouping system of the children and the Key person system ensure that the children receive plenty of adult time and attention, whilst the details of the difficulties experienced by the child are kept confidential between the nursery, the child's family and any involved agencies. We follow the EYFS ensuring that any particular needs are attended to. This is shown through the children's own personal development matters profiles and through each individual child's observations and planning. Full risk assessments are carried out on a regular basis with all our equipment, toys and outings, taking into account encouraging children's confidence and independence.

We work in liaison with staff outside the group, including Local Schools, Support Services, Health Visitors, Therapists, Psychologists, Social Workers, and Paediatricians to meet children's specific needs. We are lucky enough to have the support of a local Health Visitor who comes into the nursery every six weeks to see children whose parents permit them to do so. The expertise of these professionals will be used to inform individual P.P.s. Where any additional staffing is required we would contact these agencies to access any available funding. Any leaflet or articles received from outside agencies are displayed on our news board.

We offer our experience of the child and any records of achievement when they leave our setting and move to another this may be in the form of a report or a transition document. Each child takes with them their development matters profile and observations, which has been completed throughout their stay at the nursery.

We keep up to date with new requirements by attending training sessions and update our procedures as required. We evaluate our physical environment and ensure that we meet all of the requirements, including access to toilets and other facilities, the need for special indoor and outdoor equipment and layout of rooms. We evaluate training and the success of our Special Needs Statement regularly and discuss our findings at in-service training at our regular staff meetings. We will also use this time to discuss and implement any reasonable adjustments that may be needed for any child ready to join the setting.

Disability does not pose an increased risk to infection. However children with certain disabilities may find it difficult to observe good personal hygiene. Therefore we ensure that high standards of personal hygiene are encouraged at all times.

We have a complaint procedure in place and would encourage anyone wishing to complain about our special provision to follow the advice given in it.

Parents can access advice and support from the parent partnership service - telephone 01782 234701.
For information on admissions please see our admissions policy.

This policy is updated and reviewed regularly with any updated information from courser etc. We are also in contact with Fiona Francis who is our area SENCO who provides us with updates and guidance.